Welcome to the Mangrove Mountain area

of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Mangrove Mountain

Mangrove Dam
This was major project in the area in the 1980s to build a dam for the supply of water to Gosford and Wyong. It now has a viewing point and picnic area and for this reason more information can be found on the Attractions page or by using this direct link to Mangrove Dam.

Mangrove Mountain Public School
Opened as a half-time school with Island Flat operating from September 1895 until February 1902 and again from May 1912 until June 1915. Then as a provisional school from August 1915 until December 1917 and as a public school from January 1918 until closure in December 1978. The school was known as Blood Tree until March 1896 and as Koree from then until February 1937. The original site is now on the Northern side of the Mangrove Mountain Reserve and the name lives on as the name adopted for the Koree Girl Guides cabin. This is located on the other side of Popran Creek, further to the North on Wisemans Ferry Road.

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